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Work-Based Learning Forms

"Work experience as a teenager will be one of the common denominators of all successful people in the future.  It is no longer good enough to just be educated.  Young people entering the world of work must also be prepared or they will struggle for years to come.  Work-based learning is a primary ingredient in that preparation process."

Chad Foster
Best-selling author of Teenagers -
Preparing for the Real World, Financial Literacy for Teens, Career Readiness for
Teens, and High School 101

Application Documents

(initial required forms)

Application, 3 Teacher Recommendations,  Rules & Regulations, Training Plan, Training Agreement, Interview Evaluation

Monthly Evaluation
(Items below may be accessed using Schoology)

Eligibility to Work

(Formerly know as a "Work Permit")

When the law changed in 2009, the Alabama Department of Education specifically requested that an “Eligibility to Work” form be required in order to employ minors under the age of 16.  This form states that the minor is in regular attendance and making satisfactory academic progress. This applies even in months when school is not in session. 

To obtain an Eligibility to Work form for any Auburn City Schools students under the age of 16, contact:

Mrs. Audrey Marshall, ACS Work-Based Learning Coordinator

(334) 887-0058

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