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Since 2016 AHS Work-Based Learning students worked over 97,900 hours, earned
over $1,000,000 and impacted our local economy by over 6 million dollars!
Welcome Parents and Employers


On behalf of Co-Opportunities, the Auburn City Schools Work-Based Learning Program, thank you for your willingness to partner with our program to employ Auburn High School students.

An online application and teacher recommendations must be submitted by all students participating in Co-Opportunties. Students, parents and employers will also sign a training agreement that details expectations for those assisting with the employment of our students. Forms must be completed & submitted to the WBL Coordinator to be eligible for placement in the Co-Opportuntities program. Required forms are listed below:


  • Online Student Application for Enrollment 

  • 3 Teacher Recommendations (One MUST be a CTE instructor)

  • Training Agreement 

The Training Agreement explains expectations for students, employers, and parents as participants in the training program. The WBL coordinator begins the formation of a Training Plan once student placement is determined. This plan identifies tasks that the student is expected to perform or learn while on the job. As students progress through the semester the WBL coordinator will work with the employer to document training and experiences learned in the employment placement. To participate in the program, students are required to work a minimum of 140 hours per credit earned (a minimum of 8 hours per week).

Thank you in advance for your participation as a parent or employer. You will discover that participating as an employer in the Co-Opportunties program, our goal is to pair you with students who committed to learning and meeting their career goals goals as they move your company forward!

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