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All WBL students enrolled for the first semester are required to attend an orientation session on the first day of school for EACH semester. Plan to attend the session that corresponds your WBL/Coop period for this mandatory orientation.  Attendance at this session will constitute your first grade (100 points) for the course. This meeting should last no longer than 45 minutes. Submission of all required documents will constitute your second grade (100 points) for the semester.

Is Work-Based Learning Right for You?
  • Would you like to earn your own money?

  • Does being exposed to a career of your interest important to you?

  • Would you like to add to your academic studies and gain experience for the “real-world”?

  • Are you ready to explore a work-based learning opportunity to utilize your knowledge?

  • Are you creative and interested in building a current professional network that can guide you to success in both college and your career?

  • Do you want to experience hands-on practice with business partner yet have guidance from the Work-Based Learning Coordinator?


An internship is a directed, practical learning experience, outside of the normal classroom setting, in which students sharpen skills, gain experience through structured and monitored work-based learning experiences. Students apply academic concepts, mastery instructional objectives in a professional settings, and develop a direct primary approach to identify organizational operation of local professional companies.


On the Forms Page is a link to the AHS Work-Based Education Student Application for Enrollment. Each student who is accepted into the Co-opportunties Work Based Learning program should complete the program application and provide three teacher recommendations. These documents should be completed and submitted to Mrs. Marshall in my office (Room 1112).​


Welcome to your Intern/Work Experience!

The WBL monthly assignments are to help you on your journey to the next phase in your life by creating a portfolio of experiences that will launch new career and educational opportunities! Your monthly obligations are listed in the links below.  Please refer to checklists on Schoology each month. You will be required to submit electronic copies of items to me from the checklist. All assignments should be completed digitally and submitted using Schoology. If you have any questions about any assignment, feel free to email me or stop by my office (Room 1112).

  • ​December

  • January (2nd Credit & Alt)

  • February

  • March

  • August

  • September

  • October

  • November

Assignments that are due each month. You are responsible for adhering to due dates and ensuring that the assignments are submitted on time. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or stop by Room 108. All assignments should be completed digitally and submitted using Schoology. Wage and Hour Reports documenting a minimum of 140 hours MUST be submitted at the end of each grading period. If you are unsure if an assignment is to be submitted online, please log on to Schoology.   

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